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Laura is an amazing teacher and healing facilitator, very gifted. She is one of a kind. Her Kundalini yoga classes are blended with crystal bowl sound meditation classes are a real treat. We are blessed to have her. – Mona A.
I always turn to these people for my massage sessions, and I am very pleased with their amazing services. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to turn to experienced and skilled massage experts, and I want to express my gratitude. Thank you for everything! – William Blackwell
I had an amazing time during the full blood moon in February. There was a nice group of people,  I had a great time during the Tibetan singing bowls, very effective to say the least! I plan on more group meditations and getting my reiki attunements. Laura is a great, wise soul, and funny. – Katherine Voinoff
Laura is the best. She is great at crystal bowls, massage therapy, cranial therapy and access. Highly recommend her. – Julie Thrasher 

Laura is an amazing and gifted individual .   I recommend her services from kundalini meditation, Crystal bowl meditation  and reiki workshops! Her services are fulfilling and very informative! – Laureen Oglesby

I have truly enjoyed the crystal bowl meditations on Friday nights. The vibration from the singing bowls helps my muscles and nerves to relax. I’m hooked, this is the best stress relief therapy ever. – Kristen M.

Laura has spent many years learning and perfecting the skills of her trade.  I trust her completely and refer many people to her. She gets great results and makes people feel at ease.  The atmosphere of the office is very peaceful. Laura is also a gifted intuitive and an awesome teacher. – Maribeth A.

Unique lady! Thank you for the unique treatment! – Peter Pavlov

Thank you! You are an amazing person and great specialist! – Connie Johnson

One session with Laura completely fixed my problem after years of trying everything else imaginable. 3 months and I’m still pain free. She has a wide knowledge base that had to take decades of education to gather. Her large office is quiet and relaxing. The group sound meditations are excellent too. Another session fixed my SI joint after I injured it and got tired of chiro adjustments being temporary fixes. – Debra S.

I really can’t believe it! My back has been the main source of my suffering for decades and I have really tried anything. Well, not everything. I turned to this massagist and had a specialized therapy. It truly did wonders! – Fred Loggins

Laura is a genuinely sweet soul and a truly gifted healer. I have gone for craniosacral, reiki, and attended a crystal bowl meditation. I’ve seen craniosacral massage advertised many places and have tried a few but they were kind of just nice scalp massages. Laura really knows what she’s doing and hers was so unlike any other. I didn’t think I had head tension beforehand but after her treatment, my head felt so relaxed like I cannot remember feeling so good. Her reiki treatment was incredible. Something that has to be experienced rather than try to explain but it is powerful. I had lots of emotional blocks remembered and released in the days afterwards. The crystal bowls meditation was wonderful! It was in a small group setting, all great people. She played the bowls and it was like a journey, starting off slowly but with building waves of intensity and then back down again. She gave each of us a pyrite stone and essential oil to meditate with and that added even more. Everyone had a unique but wonderful experience. Laura is very kind and humble and a genuinely curious and wise person. She is a blessing and I’m grateful to know her. – Doe Z.

I didn’t know running my BARS would completely change my my life. Thank you Laura for the amazing experience – Maria

Laura is an amazing healer… she is very knowledgeable and a gifted healer. She takes the time to listen and intuitively works with you as an individual. I opted to sign up for a package deal and saved. – Anonymous

Hi Laura,
I wanted to thank you so much for our sessions together over the past few months.  The work you did with me was extremely helpful to my body and spirit in multiple ways! When I started receiving massage services from Laura Painter I had no idea the healing that was ahead of me!  I thought I’d go in for any typical massage like I’d had in the past: relax, unwind, experience tension relief in sore muscles.  My time with Laura was significantly more healing and helpful than any of that. I had never experienced cranio sacral massage, in fact I’d not even heard about it.  When Laura suggested it after my first massage I didn’t really want to do it, because her basic massage had been so wonderful, I didn’t want to try anything new and miss out on all that relaxation! I gave it a try, and I am so glad I did. I have had a persistent issue with my jaw for many, many years.  About every 5 minutes or so it pops in and out of place. All day long, every day, I’ve dealt with this little issue of jaw popping. I don’t know how or when it started, but I just resigned myself over the years to deal with it. It became one of those annoying things about my body I felt would never go away.  After my third cranio sacral massage, Laura fixed it. Tears started flowing as I felt that shift take place in my body during that third cranio sacral massage. I never knew how truly unpleasant this jaw popping thing was until it was no longer there. Over the weeks and months, I was scared that it was too good to be true, that somehow the effects of that bodywork would wear off and my jaw would go back to popping every few minutes.  Well, that hasn’t happened, and it’s been several months. I would highly recommend Laura and all of her massage services, her practice is a calm, relaxing environment and she does fabulous work! – AEG

Laura has ‘Angels Hands’.   Loretta

Hi Laura!
I just wanted to thank you for being so amazing. During the treatment I had a looooot of totally forgotten and deeply buried memories come up and was kind of stunned and overwhelmed with a sadness which is so not like me. But because of you, I’m able to deal with them now instead of them remaining trapped there possibly for my whole life. I think the spikenard in the oil you chose was perfect and exactly what I need to get through. I’d actually bought a bottle of it and totally forgot that I even had it but found it way back in my cabinet! I’m excited about the bowl meditation tomorrow. Thank you so much for the incredible work that you do. It is needed and appreciated. D ~ Altamonte

She has the “BEST HANDS  in the land”. – Ginger

Had a CranioSacral session with Laura Painter, LMT  – Awesome results!!! I had one side of my face a little droopy since a bout with Bell’s Palsy about twenty years ago.  You really didn’t see it unless I smiled and then only one side of my mouth lifted. Now my smile is even and the left eye is not droopy either!!!   THANK YOU LAURA PAINTER, LMT!!! – LW 

Laura has the perfect TOUCH ! Really! – Kathy T

Dear Laura, I am so proud of you & your successes! The class & massage were some of The Best I have ever had! Thank you. – BES

She spends the right amount of time on each part of the body. Perfect! – Patty B.

To quote Goldilocks  – This Massage is not to Light, this massage is not too Deep,  this massage is Just Right! – Irene

Even flow from head to toe. – Alan B

Laura is a very gifted and talented healer. I received CranioSacral  Therapy from her and it has improved my Golf game! Thanks – David

Laura is both knowledgeable and talented. – Ann K

You deserve to take time for yourself and experience the gifted hands of a gifted healer. – Marilyn

I trust her with my healing journey. – Paul L

She has very strong hands, using firm but gentle pressure. Amazing. – Amiee

Fabulous, simply fabulous. – Trina

I have traveled all over the world and found one of the very best right here at home.  – Emily

She knows where to add deeper pressure, an amazing therapist. – Isabel

Laura is an incredible massage therapist. I have been blessed to have had a lot of massage, she is amazing! – Jessica B.

I experienced the The BEST  90 minute deep relaxation massage ever! – Donna G.

Laura offers a variety of healing services and tailors a massage session according to the needs of the client . She offers a truly healing service. – Valerie B.



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