Energetic Re-patterning

Relax ~ Revive ~ Renew

Clear away ‘habitual thinking’ & release imbalanced energetic patterns

Aromatic Botanicals. 

Feel balanced & empowered with this powerful alternative healing therapy.  Clearing away subconscious blocks.  Welcoming transformation for a vibrant well-being.

The ancient technology of Aromatic Botanical Medicine, has proven beneficial in communication with our brain receptors.  Identifying the chemical constituents that indicate Anti-depressant properties certain essential oils also contain Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-bacterial, and the like. Plants have evolved & survived for millennia by developing these powerful antidotes.  Through the distillation process of oil extraction we capture the medicinal essence of the plants.  Always to be uses with caution…  become educated… seek well-educated practitioners .

Emotions like the ocean, ebbs and flows. We all have experienced emotional hurts, griefs and traumas.  They have molded and shaped us into who we are today.  Now we can safely release past hurts/traumas through the use of Aromatic Botanicals a/k/a essential oils.

Trained in the art of Somato Emotional Release, Laura is able to incorporate a wide array of energetic modalities to the session.

Session can include initial consultation, affirmations and the placement of the oils that work in harmony balancing the nervous system. 

First 90 min session includes Consultation, EnergyWork and Aromatic Botanicals additional sessions are 60 min and include the Energywork & Aromatics....
Several session are recommended for accelerated results. Some clients alternate a weekly massage and Re-patterning sessions. or feel free to add on more time

Young Living Essential Oils

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