All of Life come to Us with Ease, Joy & Glory


Press the RESET Button on Your Life

What if these are the days from the teachings that the ancient Veda’s spoke of?   We have entered the cusp of the Aquarian Age. This is a feminine energy mush different from the masculine energy of Pisces era.  It’s as if we are wandering the desert with Moses right now. Fear not, my young one… we are moving into the lands flowing with milk & honey!  A greater future beyond this reality, beyond anything we can imagine. A brighter, more beautiful future for all of humanity.


What are You and Your Body aware of that you are misidentifying as what is true and real for you??  If your were choosing just for you, just for FUN… what would you choose??   perceive the energy of whatever that is … and follow the energy, your knowing – not the teachings and be in allowance for that to show up in your life. Right away, without delay!! Now, this may not show up as you think it will so my recommendation is to follow the lightest energy.

Remember, What is Light for you is TRUE for YOU!  If its heavy… its a big fat NO!!   Always choose for you

What if…. WE are moving into a new space of embodiment?  What if… this NEW ENERGY creates greater ease in your life??   What energy, space, consciousness & choice can you receive with this new space??  What if this is what you’ve been asking for??

What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries and possibilities can you be to create Your Life with EASE??   What else is possible NOW? & in the FUTURE?  For ALL of US??  What can we choose different today to create this change right away??

As Yogi Ji sez… Keep Up & You’ll Be Kept Up

15 Minute Empowerment Call


From Survival to Thrive-All ~ Co-Creating a Bigger Brighter Future for ALL

15 min Remote Energetic Empowerment Session Based Off of Your Big ASK!!

What do YOU desire to change, create and institute into your life and living??

What else is possible Now & In the Future?!

a Quantum LEAP Beyond-  this reality into a Global Reboot for now & in the future

Unlock, Unload & Let Go of Hidden Blocks Beyond  this limited reality in this 15 minute Empowerment Flash Call on Topic of Your Choice;  Mind Body Spirit Etheric

Customized for YOU!  Bringing decades of training and experience with Holistic Therapies and Natural Wellness for A Lifestyle IN Balance.

If you desire more time, simply select multiple blocks of time

“The Only Thing That’s Constant is Change”~ Miss Frizzle


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Self Wellness Coaching

Based on ancient Vedic Wisdom for restored wellness, health & happiness

Laura Painter LMT

Located in Winter Park

“The Brain is God’s Drugstore Having ALL the Medication Required for Health & Happiness.” ~ Dr Andrew Still, D.O. 1897
Laura ~ known as The Brain Whisperer, Specializing in Crainosacral Therapies for Head Injuries, Stroke, Physical & Emotional Trauma or Abuse.
She is a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Writer & Facilitator of Energetic Health. Based on Osteopathic Medical Models through Craniosacral Therapy for Brain Balancing, Organ Mobility, Structural & Neurological Disorders.
Blending Access Bars Verbal Processing, Conscious Communication through Qi Transmission.  Certified in Access Body Processes, Ayurveda, Reiki Mastery, Aroma Therapy, she is also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapies, and Adept Crystal practitioner. She has developed healing protocols to restore brain health for optimal function

With decades of learning, experiencing and mastering healing modalities after overcoming her own life threatening health emergency, and surviving a NDE in 2003.  Laura blends ancient Shawnee Wisdom, Ayurveda and Osteopathic healing techniques to reverse Heart Disease. She dedicates her life’s work to educate, elevate, uplift & inspire her clients to choose and create a lifestyle of balance mind, body, spirit and etheric.

Laura offers in person 1 on 1 sessions, virtual sessions and wellness Coaching. empowering people to activate within themselves their dormant ability to self heal
Laura Painter, LMT
Local & Online

By Appointment Only
The Lee World Center  1850 Lee Rd. #214
Winter Park, FL 32789  I-4 Exit #88

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Monday through Friday 8a to 8p
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Sunday 10 -4p

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CranioSacral Sessions: For Infants, Children & Adults

Visceral Mobility Therapy, Integrative Neurological Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage

Access Consciousness Body & Empowerment Sessions

Manual Bars Therapy and Certification Classes

Kundalini Yoga w Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy
Reiki Energetic Therapy and Certification Classes
Crystal Therapeutic Sessions & Centrum Sound Sessions

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