Welcome to Holistic Healing w Laura, The Brain Whisperer

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Where it doesn’t have to hurt to feel better!

Laura uses a unique blend of ancient Shawnee wisdom and modern holistic healing techniques combined with her own intuitive skills to help her clients create a lifestyle of balance of the mind, body, etheric, and spirit. 

She uses gentle, non-invasive holistic healing modalities specializing in: Cranial Sacral, Access Energy, Reiki, Essential Oils, Kundalini Yoga, and Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy.

Laura has spent a lifetime learning, exploring, practicing, facilitating, and perfecting her techniques. Laura uses her intuition and expertise to customize each individual’s experience.  She is able to assess a client’s needs and find the perfect balance of treatment options for each individual’s unique case.

Laura’s techniques not only start the healing process, but she guides her clients as she helps them create a more balanced lifestyle of mind, body, spirit and etheric.

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