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Laura Painter, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator  & CranioSacral Therapy Teaching Assistant with The Upledger Institute & the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators

Specializing in CranioSacral Therapy for clients from infancy to adulthood ~

Offering Alternative Holistic Approaches For Wellness Located centrally in Winter Park


Incorporating Ayurvedic & Botanical Theories for Mental, Emotional, Visceral, Neurological and Structural (Physical) Issues.  Combining together in-depth experience working with Raindrop Technique, VitaFlex Reflexology, Aroma Auricular Therapy.

Additional training includes Ayurveda LifeStyle Management, Scalp Massage, Ahbyanga (hot oil) Massage, Shirodhara,  and Indian Botanical Face Massage, as well as Signature Spa Treatments including Prenatal Massage, Hot Stones, Scrubs & Wraps.

Transformational & Energetic Therapies include; Meridian Balancing, Access Consciousness Bars, Energetic Face Lift & Access Body Processes, Reiki, Qigong, Aumakhua- Ki (R), Heart Centered Therapeutics, Chakra Aligning & Aura Strengthening Techniques.
Crystal & Gemstone Therapy;  Chakra, Color, Crystal Sessions & Crystal Grid Layouts.

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*Many energy healing services are available for distance healings. Along with
Sound Therapy – Tibetan Sound Massage, Tuning Forks & Crystal Bowls*



* Gift Certificates Available *

Laura is certified in: Visceral Mobility, Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurveda Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Yogassage, CranioSacral Manual Therapy, Integrative Structural Therapy and Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage. She is now enrolled in Upledger’s CORE  Training Program completing Level IV in November 2012.  Furthering her education with IAHE in Neurological Manipulation & CST Pediatrics January of 2013.

Currently enrolled in an 18 month Core Program studying Visceral Manipulation Levels 1 to 6.
Laura teaches Continuing Education classes and has taught Basic AromaTherapy and Raindrop Technique at the Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy.

Call for more information on classes and the scheduling of  Treatments, Classes, private meditations, groups, corporate events, retreats and best of all Energy Fun Shops!

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