Laura Painter LMT

Located in Winter Park

Laura Painter, LMT ~ known as The Brain Whisperer, Specializing in Crainosacral Therapies, a Speaker & Facilitator of natural health and wellness. Certified in Sound Therapies, Reiki Mastery, Aroma Therapy, she is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Adept Crystal practitioner. She has developed healing protocols to restore brain health for optimal function

With decades of learning, experiencing and mastering healing modalities besides overcoming her own life threatening health emergency, Laura blends ancient Shawnee wisdom and modern holistic healing techniques with her intuitive skills to help her clients create a lifestyle of balance mind, body, spirit and etheric.

Laura offers in person 1 on 1 sessions, virtual sessions and wellness Coaching. empowering people to activate within themselves their dormant ability to self heal
Laura Painter, LMT

The Lee World Center

1850 Lee Rd. #214
Winter Park, FL 32789 I-4 Exit #88

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Monday through Friday 9a to 8p
Saturday 8a to 4p

Sunday 10 -4p

By appointment only

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Service offered

CranioSacral Sessions: For Infants, Children & Adults

Visceral Mobility Therapy, Integrative Neurological Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage

Access Consciousness Body & Empowerment Sessions

Manual Bars Therapy and Certification Classes

Kundalini Yoga w Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy
Reiki Energetic Therapy and Certification Classes
Crystal Therapeutic Sessions & Centrum Sound Sessions

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