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Laura brings Ancient Shawnee Wisdom and Modern Holistic Healing Techniques to the table and online with her intuitive skills assisting clients to create or re create a life and living worth living.  Creating balance of mind, body, spirit and etheric.  Blending the gentle non evasive bodywork of Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Essential Oils and Sound Therapy to facilitate a New Way of Being You.

20180908_163952Laura is lovingly known as The Brain Whisperer, based on Osteopathic Medical Models through Craniosacral Therapy (CST) for Brain Balancing, Organ Mobility, Lymphatic, Structural & Neurological Disorders.  Specializing in CST for Head Injuries, Stroke, Autism, Physical & Emotional Trauma or Abuse.

She is a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Writer & Facilitator of Energetic Health.

“The Brain is God’s Drugstore Having ALL the Medication Required for Health & Happiness.” ~ Dr Andrew Still, D.O. 1897

 Access Bars Verbal Processing, Conscious Communication through Qi Transmission.  Certified in Access Body Processes, Ayurveda Practitioner, Reiki Mastery, Aroma Therapy, she is also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Certified Sound Therapist, and Adept Crystal practitioner. She has developed several healing protocols to restore brain health for optimal function including Brainy Einstein & BrainBox Balancing.

With decades of learning, experiencing and mastering healing modalities after overcoming her own life threatening health emergency, and surviving a NDE in 2003.  Laura blends ancient Shawnee Wisdom, Ayurveda and Osteopathic healing techniques to reverse Heart Disease. She dedicates her life’s work to educate, elevate, uplift & inspire her clients to choose and create a lifestyle of balance mind, body, spirit and etheric.

Laura offers in person 1 on 1 sessions, virtual sessions and wellness Coaching. empowering people to activate within themselves their dormant ability to self heal.

She continues to learn, explore, practice and master various healing modalities . Every session is unique.  Customizing an alchemical blend of energy to unlock, unload & let go of limitations.

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Access Bars Sessions ~ All of Life Comes to You with Ease, Joy & Glory!

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Centrum Sound Session ~ Sensory & Behavioral 

AromaCare Session ~ Detox & Immunity

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