Laura blends ancient Shawnee wisdom and modern holistic healing techniques with her intuitive skills to help her clients create a lifestyle of balance mind, body, spirit and etheric. She uses gentle and non evasive holistic healing modalities such as Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Access Energy, Essential oils, Yoga and sound which help her clients incorporate a new way of being.

Laura has been learning, exploring, practicing, Facilitating classes and mastering healing modalities for 40 years. Every Session with her is a custom blend of techniques to intuitively meet the clients needs in that moment.

CranioSacral Sessions: For Infants, Children & Adults

Visceral Mobility Therapy, Integrative Neurological Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage

Access Consciousness Body & Empowerment Sessions

Manual Bars Therapy and Certification Classes

Kundalini Yoga w Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy
Reiki Energetic Therapy and Certification Classes
Crystal Therapeutic Sessions & Centrum Sound Sessions

a LEAP Beyond Master Class

What People Say

The brain is gods drugstore having all the medication required for health and happiness

Dr Andrew Still, D.O. ~ 1897

The only thing that is constant is change

Miss Frizzle

Consciousness includes everything and judges no one or no thing

Gary M. Douglas

What can we create together?

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