Laura blends ancient Shawnee wisdom and modern holistic healing techniques with her intuitive skills to help her clients create a lifestyle of balance mind, body, spirit and etheric. She uses gentle and non evasive holistic healing along with energetic empowerment techniques which help her clients incorporate a new way of being.

Laura has had a lifelong journey learning, exploring, practicing, facilitating classes and mastering healing modalities. Every Session is a custom blend of techniques to intuitively meet the clients needs in that moment.

CranioSacral Sessions: For Infants, Children & Adults

Visceral Mobility Therapy, Integrative Neurological Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage

Access Consciousness Body & Empowerment Sessions

Manual Bars Therapy and Certification Classes

Kundalini Yoga w Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy
Reiki Energetic Therapy and Certification Classes
Crystal Therapeutic Sessions & Centrum Sound Sessions

a LEAP Beyond Master Class

What People Say

The brain is gods drugstore having all the medication required for health and happiness

Dr Andrew Still, D.O. ~ 1897

The only thing that is constant is change

Miss Frizzle

Consciousness includes everything and judges no one or no thing

Gary M. Douglas

What can we create together?

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