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Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy utilizes the energy produced by crystals to help align with the energy of your chakras centers. In this way, the crystals can help focus energy into an area of the body to help it find it’s natural electromagnetic rhythm again. The appropriate crystal can be placed over the chakra centers, an internal organ, or any area of the body that may be experiencing discomfort. The crystal then works with your own electromagnetic field to generate an energy pulse that can help bring about healing.

Crystals can be placed singularly over the area to receive treatment, or in patterns. For instance, usually crystals with the points facing away from the problem area will move unwanted energy from that area. Placing the points facing inwards can recharge the area with needed energy. There are many crystal layouts customized to your specific needs. Knowing the basic design of energy within the body through it’s chakra centers, and which stones to use to stimulate those areas are really all there is to crystal therapy. There’s really no need for a major and complex layout of stones. By the same token, knowing which crystals work best with each major organ of the body will also be beneficial.

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