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CranioSacral Therapy

Can help reorganize and balance the body including the following…..

The Brain Speaks – Brain Balancing Session – TBI, Concussion, Stroke, PTSD

Working directly with the Limbic System to Improve Brain Function & Neural Communication with Light Touch Manual Therapy through the Balancing of Cranial Bones & Soft Tissue Release Techniques that Impact the Fascial System

Somatic Emotional Re-Patterning

Addressing Sensory Disorders, Emotional Traumas & All forms of Abuse with CranioSacral Techniques that work directly with the Verbal Processing, Essential Oils

Assisting Infants, Children, Adults & Seniors

This All- Encompassing approach to Manual Therapy blends multiple modalities addressing the individual body systems offering client relief for a myriad of conditions & pathologies. These and other symptoms & conditions can be reduced or eliminated with this gentle approach to Well-ness – Head Ache, Brain Injuries, Concussions, Head Trauma, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Autism, Scoliosis, TMJD, ADD/ADHD

Fertility, Pre-Natal, Post- Partum

CranioSacral Pediatrics

Sensory Integration, ADD/ADHD – Autism Spectrum, Heavy Metals

Lymphatic Drainage

Pre-Post Surgery, Chemo Recovery, Heavy Metals, Lyme, Shingles, Heart Burn

Organ Mobility/ Visceral Massage

IBS, Chron’s, Hernia, Shingles, Heart Burn

Neural Manipulation Therapy

Neuropathy, Carpal Tunnel, Neck/ Back Pain, Palsy, Scoliosis, TMJD


Energy Work & Sound Therapy

Reiki Energetics Session

Crystalline Sound Sessions w Quartz Crystal Pyramids & Singing Bowls

Aroma Therapy

Raindrop Technique &  Neuro-Auricular Therapy

Vita-Flex Reflexology

Deep Relaxation Massage

Ayurveda Massage

Yoga/Thai Massage

Shirodhara Hot Oil


Access Bars Session

Access Energetic Body Processes 

Access Energetic FaceLift

All-Encompassing Be-Well Sessions

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