Reiki Attunements

reikiReiki Attunements:  

An Attunement is a sacred process, initiation, and /or meditation with a specific purpose and intent performed by a spiritual master. 

The Reiki attunement process is how one becomes a Reiki Healer. Being attuned to Reiki gives one the ability to easily access the Reiki energy (Universal Life Force) for the purpose of healing a person or situation. Only a Reiki Master can give Reiki Attunements. 

The attunement can be performed in person, via long distance Reiki, phone, etc. Some people feel “in person” attunement is best, while some people feel they receive stronger attunements from other options. It really just depends on your needs, time, and circumstances. It should not matter how a person receives an attunement because it is an individual’s decision. 

Depending on the type of attunement, when the attunement is given, the Reiki Symbols are placed into your Crown, Heart, and /or Palm Chakras. During attunements, Chakras are opened and cleared. Reiki symbols are activated for use and there is transference of Reiki energy during the attunement. Most importantly, you are connected to the source of Reiki. 

What happens to a person during and after an attunement is very unique and can vary from person to person. It can be different each time you receive an attunement. There is no “right” or “wrong” regarding what you experience. It can range from an out-of-body experience or visions to simply a relaxed, warm overall feeling. 

During the attunement you may feel heat or experience tingling sensations, see colors, visions, or symbols, hear voices or even experience smells. You might feel energized or some people who are preoccupied with what they are doing at the time it is sent don’t feel a thing, but they still receive the Reiki. Each person will have thier own individual experience. Your experience may be different each time you receive an attunement. Sometimes it may be stronger or more powerful than other times. There is no right or wrong experience — there is only the experience. You may have a subtle shift to a profound shift each time you receive the attunement.  

What is Reiki?   

Reiki therapy is an alternative health modality that is a holistic, gentle energy process which assists in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. It is a simple yet powerful method of spiritual healing and transformation. The practitioner channels this loving energy through the light touch of hands on the body, or through the client’s energy field, which results in a systematic treatment that covers all organs and energy systems of the body. This energy has an intelligence far beyond what we can understand; our bodies utilize this energy to heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We may not understand why we have a headache, for example. It could be caused by a disturbance in the digestive system or by stress between the head and the body (between thought and action). When receiving a Reiki treatment for a headache, the energy will address all levels of the dis-ease, the painful area as well as the source of the pain.  

A Reiki Practitioner is not the healer, she is the channeler of this Universal Life Force Energy which is directed by a higher source in conjunction with the client’s own energy to facilitate the healing that is priority at that moment.  Reiki will relieve pain, stop bleeding, balance the chakra system and restore mental and emotional clarity and focus, and more. The client becomes relaxed, which lowers the blood pressure and calms the nervous system enabling healing to take place.  


Reiki is a laying-on of hands healing treatment rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1800’s. He was a principal of the Doshisha University in Kyoto and a Christian minister. His students asked to be shown the method by which Jesus did healing, which set Dr. Usui on a ten year quest for information. Dr. Usui also studied Buddhism and found many similarities between the life of Buddha and of Jesus. Buddhist teaching is based upon the principle of compassion for all living things, people and animals and being unattached while helping others. Attachments cause greed and negativity which results in actions that cause karma to be produced, both positive and negative, which holds us on this planet to heal and resolve. Healing must happen in the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  

Mikao Usui returned to Japan after his quest, and lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery where he found Sanskrit texts describing the healing formula. However, the material didn’t include information on how to activate the energy. Usui went through a 3-week test of meditation, fasting and prayer on Mt. Koriyama where he received his first attunement and the symbols and information on how to use them.  

Dr. Usui passed his knowledge on to approximately 16 Reiki Masters, one of which was Hawayo Takata who had amazing physical healing. She lived in Hawaii and brought Reiki to the western world.  

What is Energy?
We are made of energy as is everything on this planet. The living body, human, animal or plant, radiates warmth and energy – this energy is the life force itself and has many names given it throughout time.
The Native American Iroquois call this energy Orenda, it is also known as Prana in India, Chi in China, and Ki in Japan, from which the term Reiki was born. Since everything is made of this energy, we are affected by any and all changes in energy around us — we are energy. Modern science acknowledges that the body is made up of an energy field, and that the world is a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns. We live in a sea of multiple energy fields. Energy can’t be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.
Energy travels in a circular fashion and so the saying “what goes around comes around” applies to how energy creates our reality. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions put this energy into motion. We can choose to have thoughts, feelings and words of love (the highest vibration) and put them into action to transform energy from a dis-eased state into one of wellness and wholeness.
All energy has a vibration which emits a frequency of sound, which translates into a color. The chakras are associated with specific colors, all vibrating at different speeds. Chakra comes from the Sanskrit language which means “wheel” or “life force center”.
The Chakras:

– 1st Chakra = Root Chakra; color is Red
Associated with adrenal glands; located at the genitals; known in the East as the Gateway of Life and Death; place of birth and rebirth; survival center, the ability to draw abundance from the planet. 

– 2nd Chakra = Sacral Chakra; color is Orange
Associated with the spleen in men and the uterus in women; purifying function; first impresions and old emotional pictures are stored here; center of sexual choosing; healing here can include recovery from past abuse, sexuality and fertility issues.  

– 3rd Chakra = Solar Plexus; color is Yellow
Associated with pancreas gland or liver; men’s power center; place where energy moving through the body is assimilated; food is assimilated; power issues and balances of power; disease here can include digestive problems, alcoholism and food issues.

– 4th Chakra = Heart Chakra; color is Green
Associated with heart organ or thymus gland; emotions, universal love, love for others; heartache and heartbreak including physical heart conditions.
– 5th Chakra= Throat Chakra; color is Blue
Associated with thyroid and parathyroid glands; communication both physical and psychic; speaking ones truth; emotions are expressed here, creativity is located here; sore throats, stage fright, thyriod problems, throat cancer. 
–6th Chakra = Third Eye Chakra; color is Indigo
Associated with pituitary gland; pyschic perception; understanding of the Oneness of the Universe; woman’s power center; represents the creation of personal realities; healing the brain, eyes and central nervous system.
– 7th Chakra = Crown Chakra; color is Violet
Associated with pineal gland; connection with spirituality and Gaddess/Source; plase of perception of spirit guides and the skills of channeling.
These seven colors comprise the seven colors of the rainbow which forms white light. We are Beings of Light. 
The chakras take in energy from the auric field or energy bodies and download this energy into the meridians, which is then downloaded into our nervous system, which sustains the physical body. The energy bodies contain the energetic blueprint of our physical body. All dis-ease begins in these energy bodies. 

What does it feel like? 
 Reiki energy may be perceived as tingling, vibrating, warmth or coolness, electrical, or nothing at all. Many times it depends upon the awareness a person has of the physical body and whether a person is open to feeling what is happening during a session. Every person is different and each experience is different, as is each situation or issue.

For some, seeing is believing; others have faith. Once you have experienced the energy, it opens up this amazing universe to you. If you are reading this page, you are receiving Reiki healing energy which has been sent to you as a gift from the universe. 

To schedule an appointment or to arrange distance healing for yourself or someone else, please see my contact information at the bottom of this page. Reiki Session, $88: 

I teach classes in the Usui System of Reiki, of which there are three levels. I recommend that you purchase Essential Reiki by Diane Stein prior to attending a class. 

Reiki I — heals physical level disease and directs the healing of others; heal yourself before learning how to help others heal
Reiki II — heals emotional, mental and karmic imbalances, directs healing of others and also distant (absent) healing of others with the use of 3 symbols
Reiki III — includes all of the above as well as spiritual healing and the ability to teach including the use of 2 more symbols 

Upcoming Classes

Reiki I Class (Call to schedule); energy exchange is $150/person. Registration required; please mention which class you are attending.   Includes certification.
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Reiki II Class; energy exchange is $200/person. Registration required.   Includes certification.
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Reiki III Class; energy exchange is $500. Pre-Registration required. (If you would like an individual session, please call me to arrange it.).   Includes certification.
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Remote, Skype & Phone Energy Sessions are an exchange is $88/session. Required information: Name of Client, Date of Birth, Phone # or Email address.
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The Basic Reiki Principles:

Just for today, be worry free.
Just for today, free of anger.
Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
Respect the oneness of all life.
Show gratitude.
Make your living honestly.



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