Chakra Balancing

Chakra TherapyChakra Strengthening: Are Your Chakras Open and Functioning?  Find out by having an assessment of your  Chakra System – An energetic scanning technique used to explore and evaluate imbalances within the chakra system.  Linked to the endocrine system, Chakras influence our physiology and emotions through the release of hormones, and to nerve bundles that intersects within the nervous system  which distributes the energy and supports the functioning of the body, mind and emotions. Once we understand where the frequency imbalances are we are able to address the root cause and amplify healing. 

Chakra Balancing is a combination of Meditation techniques, Color Therapy, Essential Oils, Crystals/ Gemstone Therapy & Sound Therapy designed to Amplify & Strengthen the entire Chakra System.

The first session is typically 90 minutes~ continuing sessions are typically 45 – 60 minutes. 

Energetic Chakra Balancing may be added to most any massage treatment or session.  Click here to schedule your Rebalancing session or call 407 421.2165

 Chakra Therapy



There are seven major chakras in our body which have been identified with the following nerve plexuses.

Muladhar:  (Root – Red)

Svadhisthana:  (Sacral – Orange)

Manipur:  (Solar Plexus – Yellow)

Anahata:  (Heart – Green)

Vishudha:  (Throat – Blue)

Ajna:  (3rd Eye – Indigo)

Sahasrara:  (Crown – Clear)

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