Crystal Bowl Meditations

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Frequency Friday’s & Beyond 

Group Healing Sessions with
Aromatic Crystalline Fusion Meditation with Quartz Crystal Bowls

$15 per person or 2 for $20~   Frequent Fridays @ 7p
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               Aromatic Crystalline Fusion Meditation with Quartz Crystal Bowls
Join us as we incorporate the aromatic properties of specially selected Essential Oils for deep meditation, the frequency of Crystals & Gemstones complementing the intention of the meditation practice and the  transformative Bio-Sine Waves of the Quartz Crystal Bowls.
The therapeutic properties of Essential Oils awaken the mind / body connection, while the vibrational frequency of the crystals & gemstones align and/or balance the physical body and the transformational properties of the Quartz Crystal are amplifying and accelerate healing, while the melodic Bio-Sine Waves re-organize the molecules, healing at a cellular level. This all- encompassing session is transformative as well as expansive!
Every session is a unique experience in itself relying on the group energetic exchange. Typically a session will begin by selecting our stones and enjoying the aromatic blend of the day, quieting the breath, relaxing the body, resting on the mat or sitting as we begin the mediation of sound therapy,  focusing our mind on, the intention set at the beginning of the practice, a mudra or personal mantra. A truly amazing experience!
Incorporating Gemstones of the day and Balancing Aromatic Botanicals.
Enjoy this deeply relaxing meditation.
Awaken to the experience of Intuitive Sound Healing. The bowls are tuned to a specific note which naturally resonates to each chakra. This Singing Crystal Bowl Meditation provides you the opportunity to have a transformational experience. Feel relaxed and uplifted while increasing your vibrational frequencies with the melodic bio sine waves of Quartz Crystal Bowls.  
After selecting our stones &  AromaTherapy, lying or sitting we begin with a briefly guided meditation.  preparing for deep transformation as we drift along on the frequency of Bio Sine Waves of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. 
Remember to arrive early to select your crystal


Bowls by the sea Cocoa Beach | St Pete| Juno Beach |New Smyrna Beach

Crystal Bowls by the Sea with Laura Painter

A Conscious Awareness Empowerment Meditation Series

Join Certified Sound Healer & Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Laura Painter, LMT for these amazing & magical meditation moments by the sea.

Shaking it up and creating a space where miracles can and do occur.. Creating a space where if you are willing you can transform and change with ease. In this dynamic series we will blend alchemical energetics such as Crystalline Sound, Breathwork, breath walks, Conscious Body Movement, Access Energy Processes & Expansion Exercises, Yoga Nidra-Style Mediations, Chanting, floating bowls & more.

Following the energy each venue creates a different magical flow ending with a free-form finale w percussion and rattles…. Inviting you to explore different possibilities to commune with the earth!!

We will begin by rhythmically connecting the breath with the flow of the tide … Synergistically connecting the cosmic breath and the celestial rhythm of the earth. Sensing the bare feet in the sand connecting body with the earth.. Connecting with and exploring an expanded space of conscious body movements. Blending the vibrational frequency of bio-sinewaves of quartz crystal singing bowls with the ebb n flow of the tide. ** Weather permitting we will swim with the bowls as we commune with the sea. Linking it all together with the universal consciousness and Expansion Exercises. Discover a deeper connection of man and sea in this magical sound healing experience… created to elevate the mind, uplift the soul, inspire the spirit and awaken the consciousness.

(Conscious Body Movement) Gently waking up the body with conscious rhythmic movements. Awakening the synergy of conscious creation joy Blending the vibrational frequency of the bio-sine waves of quartz crystal singing bowls, with the ebb n flow of the tide. ** Weather permitting we will swim with the bowls as we commune with the sea.                 

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As we begin preparing for the Breath Walk gentle yogic warm-ups to experience a deeper connection w the Earth. Connecting with the ebb n flow of the tide. Creating a deeper Awareness of Kindness, Gratitude Peace & Calm with actualization exercises. Blending the vibrational frequency of the bio-sine waves of quartz crystal singing bowls ** Weather permitting we will swim with the bowls as we commune with the sea. Join us for this Peace Day Celebration as we universally connect one breath…. One heart… One mind…

Please bring your favorite sound instruments, drums, shakers, rattles & flutes for a free-flowing, sound-healing finale where everyone can activate healing energy for the earth. Remember to hydrate well and bring whatever you require to enjoy a two-hour meditation. Hydrate well before attending bringing along extra drinking water, blankets, swimsuit, towels, pillows, sunscreen & insect repellent.


Corporate Events

More on Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations
Create a healing meditative state bringing you into
physical, emotional & spiritual balance.
We’ll be raising our vibration and 
attuning to Higher Frequencies, Releasing and Manifesting! ~ ♫
Join us on an amazing journey as we align our Chakra Frequencies with bio sonic sine waves and the healing power of Quartz Crystal. 
To enhance your healing experience bring your meditation crystals.
Some of the Crystal Bowl Meditation themes are:
The Whirling Rainbow~ a powerful visionary of sound for an amazing sound vortex using 9 Quartz Crustal Bowls.
Chakra Alignment~ an attunement of the 8 Chakras as you transcend to higher frequencies.
Ascension~ a series of 8 crystal bowls achieving a higher ascension.
Beluga’s Song~ Using 8 bowls including the Clown bowl brings more joy and Laughter into your energy field.
Star gate~  Reach through the Star gate and discover the portal
‘The 12 Powers of Man Workshops’~
 Individual sessions: focus on Personal Relationships, Psychic Development, Communication, Self Expression,  Angelic Resonance, Meridians, the 12 zodiac (personal and Couples) and more…
Physical : Adrenal Boost, Circulatory, Bones, Spinal Cord, Reproduction, Brain Function…
Quartz is an amazing conductor! You can incorporate your intention and have wondrous thing happen in your life, Spiritually, Mentally & Physically. ~
Feel free to bring meditations pillows, mats and a blanket if you tend to get cold during relaxation.
The meditative healing from Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls create harmonic resonance as we bring healing and peace to our Planet and every being on it… starting with You! Chakra Singing Bowl Healing Meditations reduce stress, tension and create a relaxing and meditative state, where healing of the mind and body begin.

SPECIAL Full Moon – New Moon – Solstice – Equinox &  Eclipse Gatherings…. please check back with us for special events