Hot Stone Massage: Spend an hour and a half in the treatment that is the hottest rage in top day spas around the country.  Allow the deep, penetrating heated stones to melt the tension away while relaxing your muscles, which enhances relaxation, circulation and the healing process of a therapeutic massage. This modality can combine energy work to help balance the body.

Perfect for those wanting a super-deep tissue massage to help stubborn muscles release and relax. The combination of hot and cold stones create a relaxing sensation and provide therapeutic value to rid muscle tension. Stone therapy is an ancient technique using warm, polished basalt stones all over the body to ensure relief from stiff and sore muscles while balancing all levels of emotional and spiritual energy. Very relaxing!

Hot Stone Massage is definitely the express train to complete relaxation. Since hot stones are used to massage the body, you receive the same benefits as a swedish massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point work. The added benefit is heat that penetrates the muscle and tendon providing deeper work with less pressure. The smooth texture of the rock and the heat provides dramatic stress reducing results. Many recipients go into a deep meditative state even early in the session.

Some benefits include:

~an increase in circulation and lymph flow
~lowered heart rate, therefore lower blood pressure
~an increase in the release of endorphins
~reduced pain, swelling and inflammation (with the use of cold stones)
~can assist in alleviating acute and chronic problems.

Hot Stones may be added to massage, scheduled in advance.  
Allow up to 90 minutes for this treatment.     
Add Aromatherapy for $10 more.
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