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Balance your body and lifestyle with Ayurveda therapies.

Rose Oil Massage…  ~ $95~
Ayurvedic ‘Abhyanga’ Massage (Warm Oil Massage) … $85- Cellulite detoxify ADD $15
Shirodhara {oil pour}… Session ~ $62~
Ayurveda Massage & Shiro Combo $125~
Shiro Combo w Foot, Hand or Scalp $108~
Ayurvedic Scalp Massage … Session ~ $62~
Ayurvedic Body Scrubs (Ubtans) … $62~
Body Scrubs w/ Massage… (combo) ~ $125~
Aroma Wraps … Rehydrate, Cellulite, Detoxify … $62~
Aroma Wrap w/ Mini Facial or Feet Retreat… . (combo)  ~ $125~
Hydrating Botanical Face Massage and Mask …  60 min – $62~
Massage & Hydrating Botanical Face Massage and Mask … – $125-

Ayurveda Massage…

lotus flowerOnce up on a time, Ayurveda Massage Therapy was given to the Kings & Queens of India Only. When India captured by British Government, this same Therapy was available only to the British people and the rulers. Why ? Ayurveda Massage Therapy generate flexibility, youth & energetic body, that was essential for the fight in ancient war field. Now from all over the World, people goes to India to get this Indian Ayurveda Massage Therapy.Ayurveda Massage is the most natural and powerful method of relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating the body. Ayurveda Massage also focuses on promoting prana (or life force) through the body by manipulation of the marmas (or energy centers) thereby releasing stiffness & stimulating the functions of the organs, toning digestive system, heart, kidneys, liver, spleen & lungs. The Abhyanga massage uses herbal essences and choice ingredients specially put together for the individual patient after diagnosed the individual body type.The ingredients for the Abhyanga body massage are prepared together with herbal oils.The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way for 45 to 60 minutes.

Follow Ayurveda for A Lifestyle IN Balance… a life style for a Healthy, Happy and Long Life.


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