Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique with (Young Living Essential Oils): This is a massage technique that implements the layering of medicinal grade essential oils.  These powerful oils contain antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Preformed in a raindrop style along the spine, neck & shoulders.  This technique really is effective for when it comes to treating back, hip & knee pain, tight shoulders, digestive system discomfort, sinusitis, Chronic fatigue & Fibromyalgia –
Raindrop has helped bring relief to chronic pain sufferers and has been known to cause visible improvement in scoliosis. It has also been used successfully for horses and other animals. 
Ask how to customize your treatment for Stress, Circulatory, Neurological and Memory problems 
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Here are a few testimonials from around the world,
please take the time to learn more about this amazing treatment.
Raindrop & Vita-Flex Techniques for back problems
Author: Karen Mac
I am a Holistic and Natural pathic Nurse.  In my health clinic, I have been working with Young Living Essential Oils and Herbs extensively in Saskatoon, Sask.  The most profound uses for alleviating severe back pain and curvatures  have been using Young Living’s Raindrop Kit and incorporating the oils such as Valor and Release.(Oils placed on the Vita-Flex points can release locks at the cellular level and assist in correcting a diseased organ or body part) If you are not familiar with emotional releasing techniques, please view ‘Emotional Releasing Patterns with Essential Oils’
I have had one client already rotate her spine getting closer to proper alignment and has taken about 3/4′ off the contortion or about 5 degrees. Enjoy the Transformation!
Raindrop Technique for depression and anxiety
Author: Lucille D
I have been doing the Raindrop Technique  for a few clients.  I have one lady who has had 4 treatments (every other week).  She had been fighting depression and anxiety and had absolutely no get up and go.  When she first started coming she would come over, her hair not done, dressed sloppily, not showered and I could just tell she was not doing well (I’ve known her for 18 years).  Last night was her 4th treatment, she arrived with her hair done, wearing a very nice skirt, blouse and jewellery, she was smiling and appears to be doing a lot better and says she is feeling much better. 
I have also done two treatments on my Mom…  she loves them and has stated to me that she feels her body “craves” the oils – says it’s hard to explain but she also is coming bi-weekly for the treatments. 
I did one treatment on my Grandma before she went to the Ukraine and that night she slept through the night from 11pm – 9am (she said it was the first time she’d done that in YEARS).
Raindrop for severe back ache
Author: Adrianne R
Last July my lower back went out totally. I never experienced such pain before in my life. As a yoga teacher I practice regularly and couldn’t even do any simple poses, walk, sleep comfortably or sit. After a few sessions to the chiropractor I finally realized my only solution was a Raindrop.
My husband gave me a session and immediately the pain eased up, not totally, but it was the most profound change I had in three days. I had my husband repeat the session again a few days later and was well on my way of healing. Looking back over those few weeks I realized the pain I experienced was due to some emotional trauma I was releasing and know and truly believe the oils particularly in the Raindrop helped me tremendously. In fact I continued putting Basil and Wintergreen on the area for several days.
Degenerating disk pain relieved!
Author: Rachel L
My girlfriend suffers from degenerating disks. The pain was so bad that she had back surgery 3.5 years ago and had titanium plates and screws inserted. She has been on strong prescription pain medication ever since (this took place before I learned about the oils).
Since I’ve learned of these wonderful oils and The Raindrop Technique I’ve done it to her twice in one week. She has not taken any pain medication in three weeks now!
I will keep doing The Raindrop Technique on her and I’m sure she’ll just keep on getting better!  I feel so blessed to have learned of these things!
 Raindrop offers respiratory aid
Author: Terry T
My nephew was diagnosed with pneumonia on Wednesday night.  I offered to perform raindrop technique on him and did so for the next 4 days.  Monday (5th day) he went back to the doctor and there was NO pneumonia.  The doctor was very surprised.  I guess we all have to draw our own conclusions but I was impressed and so was he!
Raindrop Technique for Scoliosis
Author: Theresa C
After one treatment of the Raindrop Technique I noticed something had changed in my back.  I felt like I was using different muscles, the muscles felt like they were more relaxed & further away from the spine.  During the treatment red dots came up on my spine where it was curved (possibly a virus that had been residing in my spine coming to the surface).  I had some headaches the first night which was possibly a detoxification effect.  During the following two weeks I took a few hot baths with eucalyptus oil & meditated on having my spine straighten out & I noticed that my hip levels were level, my leg length evened out & my spine was so straight that is was virtually undetectable that there was any curvature. It made such a significant improvement, subsequent Raindrop Techniques have also been beneficial for maintenance.
Stroke damage reversed!
Author: Shannon H
In September 2004 at the age of 36 I suffered a stroke. Although I survived I was left with damaged to the left side of my body including partial face paralysis, metal fog, extreme fatigue & weakness. 
In February 2006 a friend of mine put the rain drops oils on my neck because of the neck pain I had from an accident I had when I was younger.  In a matter of 25 minutes all the damage from the stoke was gone. After 2 years I had my mental clarity back. I had the strength in my body back. The pain in my neck was completely gone.  We have had to repeat the rain drops once a month for the neck pain but the stroke damage has never returned.  I am so thankful my friend kept asking me to try the oils!
Lou Gehrigs Disease
Author: Virginia N
In 2004, I was diagnosed with ALS. My massage therapist gave me a raindrop treatment every week for 8 months. At the end of that time, my third MRI showed that all the areas of concern were no longer there. The raindrop therapy was a significant part of my attack plan. Prior to my diagnosis, I was falling down on a daily basis and my left leg would often be the cause of the fall. I could no longer run or stand on my left leg alone. I can now do both.
Oil intelligence seen in Raindrop session
Author: Kathy L
I had long heard that essential oils have ‘intelligence’ and that they go where they need to go, especially when applied to the reflex points on the feet via Vita Flex or during Raindrop.  Well, I’m a ‘prove-it-to-me’ kind of person, so until I experienced it for myself, and saw it in a Raindrop client, I was skeptical.
My first ‘proof’ was during my Raindrop training. My neck had been aching off and on for weeks due to herniated cervical discs. My partner was applying the oils to my spinal reflex points on my feet, and doing Vita Flex. She had not touched my back or neck yet.  I noticed my neck was getting hot right where that ache was.  The oils were already going right where the problem was!! 
My second ‘proof’ was just yesterday as I was doing a Raindrop for a client.  When we talked afterwards, she told me that she could feel the oils ‘going to’ her jaw and ‘loosening’ her TMJ!!  Yes, the oils really do go where they need to go and do what God designed them to do!
Benefit of Raindrop Technique
Author: Paula Q
For years as a result of a truck accident and lifting heavy objects at work, I suffered from severe back pain. I had much discomfort in the lower back and right hip area. I have visited many a chiropractor over the years seeking relief. After 2 Raindrop technique sessions with Dr. —- —– (Whole Life Clinic in Burnsville) my lower back and right hip area realigned, my height increased by 1′ as measured at my annual physical and the pain in the lower back and right hip are pretty much nonexistent.
When I do begin to feel twinges or I know I have over extended my lifting capabilities, I reach for the marjoram and basil, or the panaway and ortho sport. I have also put together my own blend of the Raindrop oils, using one drop of each oil in a base of v-6 massage oil. I will periodically apply this blend to my lower back area and shoulder area in addition to the previous oils mentioned. This was a tip from Dr. ——- and it works great. I love the aroma of the combination of the Raindrop technique oils.
Raindrop for MS symptoms
Author: Victoria W
I have a regular client for Raindrop treatment who has been suffering with MS symptoms since the early 1980s. I do the MS version of Raindrop on her going from the base of the neck down instead of from the lower back up. Instead of the hot towel compress MS sufferers need cold so I put her towel in the freezer before we get started. I put a liner towel on her back first and have to warm the freezer towel just enough to bend it to put it in place. She finds it to be very relieving to her symptoms and walks much better directly off the table than she was before, the improvement stays with her for several weeks.
Raindrop Technique helped with sprained ankle
Author: Sheryl G
It’s been 5 days since having my first Raindrop Therapy treatment. I feel wonderful! I was limping from a recovering sprained ankle and osteoarthritis in the knee up until my treatment. Since then I have been walking and completely pain free! I can even bend down onto my knees which a was too difficult before the Raindrop was done.
I have been walking fluidly and not like a wooden toy soldier. I have since cancelled the twice weekly visits to the physical therapist which were scheduled to work on my knee and ankle. I intend to get this experience has been life changing to me.
I cannot wait to share with my Mom.
Walking after not being able to
Author: Sandra M
My mother fell twice and can not walk. I started to do some Raindrop Technique on her back and vita flex on her feet.
I use peppermint on her back and leg. In one week my mother could get out of bed. I continued to massage and two months later she is now walking with a walker by her self.
Thanks to Young Living Essential Oils!
Raindrop Technique overcame scoliosis
Author: Mindi M
I was diagnosed at 15 years old with scoliosis (spinal misalignment) and my MD said I would have to surgically install a metal bar and would be bedridden in the last trimester of my pregnancies. A friend told me about his miraculous experience with Raindrop Technique corrected his spinal misalignment, and he could finally walk up straight and even play with his children again.
I tried the Raindrop Therapy and within four treatments I could see and feel the difference as my spine straightened and hips aligned. It’s the most amazing experience, to say the least.   
Mindi Montes, CA
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