Neuro-Auricular Therapy

Neuro-Auricular Technique ( NAT ) /Auricular Raindrop: Using Auricular Theory/Techinques and using Young Living Essential Oils in a raindrop style. This treatment can be customized for your specific needs addressing Emotional disorders, Physical issues, Spiritual and Neurological.

This deeply effective Essential oils healing technique works on the core level unlocking and releasing emotional patterns, toxins and negative programs bringing the mind, body and spirit to a state of wholeness.

NAT has been used at the Nova Vita Clinic in Guayaquil, Ecuador regularly as taught by Gary Young and has shown amazing results reversing the effects for issues such as Parkinson’s Disease by applying Frankincense, Valerian, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood and Sandalwood therapeutic grade essential oils in the (NAT) procedure.

This technique has exciting potential for addressing all types of issues especially auto-immune and neurological issues when you understand how the nerves from the spinal column deliver messages to the entire body in combination with knowledge of the chemical constituents and how therapeutic grade essential oils work.

here is a detailed list of effective treatments;

 Neuro-Auricular Technique ~ Packages Available

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