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Facilitated by Laura @ A LifeStyle IN Balance

1850 Lee Rd #214 Winter Park, FL 32789

Level I Certification – Saturday December 8, 2018 2:30pm to 7pm    

Learn hands-on healing techniques for yourself, family and friends. Reiki offers comfort, and support for good health… balancing you Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.  Details of the history of Reiki and examples of how you can incorporate Reiki into your daily lives. An introduction to the first symbol & how to activate it.
Be aware that class may flow over into Sunday as needed for hands-on skill & techniques

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Reiki Level II Certification – TBA 

Includes 2 Crystal Bowls Meditations during the training period 
Level II: Introduction of 2 New Reiki Symbols, Distance Healing and how to work with the emotions. Additional energetic techniques are introduced

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Reiki Level III Certification – TBA  

Level III / Master Attunement: Learn how to teach Reiki and pass on attunements.

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Reiki Master Program

Beginning to Master Series: Personalized in-depth training of all Levels of Usui Reiki, Body Energetics, Chakras & Auras, Crystals, Grid work and more…
Includes Printed Manuals for each stage

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