Yoga Nidra

Known as Yogic Sleep – An actualization meditation that creates deep relaxation thus bringing the mind in to complete rest while you remain conscious and become aware of a deeper self.

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 Yoga Nidra

Wednesday’s @ 7p

1850 Lee Rd #214  Winter Park 32789

What is Yoga Nidra (YN)?

It’s a type of guided imagery exercise designed to induce deep relaxation in the body… so its very calming and relaxing. In fact, studies have shown that (YN) can provide a number of health benefits. You may have heard of Yoga Nidra referred to as yogic sleep and is similar to a guided relaxation. It is very similar to what you experience at the end of yoga class when you do Sivasana (corpse pose) only it goes on for 30-45 mins or so. Some people fall asleep during the Yoga Nidra Session.

What to expect?

This 1 hr class begins with gentle yogic warm-ups, body movement & stretching to benefit your (YN) Practice.. preparing you for a “Deep Sleep” ending the meditation w the melodious tones of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.