VitaFlex Reflexology with (Young Living Essential Oils):

Vita Flex means vitality through the reflexes. It is a complete scientific workable system of controls that releases the unlimited healing power within the human body. Combining the electrical frequency of the oils and that of the person receiving the application creates rapid and phenomenal results.  
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The Vita Flex Technique is a superior form of Reflexology. Reflexology, as used today, has tendency to ground out the electrical charge from constant compression and rotation, which also causes cell separation and loss of oxygen to subdermal tissues, thus causing further injury. With the Vita Flex technique people experience less discomfort. Using the thumb and all four fingers, the application is much more efficient. There are more than 1,500 Vita Flex points throughout the body in comparison to only 365 acupuncture points used in Reflexology. With Vita Flex the weakened or injured areas are corrected on the electrical reflex points thus preventing further injury and less stress allowing for quicker and more efficient healing.

This ancient form of Vita Flex Therapy was in recent times Modernized to incorporate the use of Essential Oils and Energy Medicine to more rapidly correct the Energy Balance of the Body and speedily return it back to Good Health. These modern techniques devised are useful in the Management of Pain – both Upper Back (Spondylitis) and Lower Back (Sciatica) through totally Natural means. The treatment is very gentle and does not result in the aggravation of Pain at any stage. It is noticed that with each Session of the treatment the pain levels go down steadily.

One of the Essential Oils used during this treatment is called Valor:
It was formulated to empower the Physical and Spiritual Bodies. It helps us overcome Fear and Opposition so we can stand tall during adversity. It may help build Courage, Confidence and Self-esteem. It brings a feeling of Calmness, Peace and Relaxation. It may be used for Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder in children. It has been found beneficial in helping to Align the Physical Structure of the Body; relieve Pain along the Spine. It also Balances and Aligns Electrical Energies within the Body. Application: Apply 6 drops on each foot or massage along the spine. Valor Oil has been touted as a Chiropractor in a bottle. It is known to change anaerobic muted cells back to their aerobic natural state. It is typically applied to the Brain Stem and the Soles of the Feet where the Vita Flex Points are located.

The other Essential Oil used during this treatment is called NerveLess:
This oil has Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial properties besides having the ability to reduce Nerve Inflammation and helps regenerate Nerves. This is applied to the area of concern – the Upper Back Region in case of Spondylitis and the Lower Back Region in case of Sciatica.

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Vita Flex Therapy is based on a complete system of internal body controls. When properly applied through specific application of hand rotation movements and control points, a Vibrational Healing Energy is released through the Neuroelectrical pathways. The healing energy is released through the electrical impulses by the contact between the fingertips and the reflex points. This stimulates an electrical charge that follows the neuro pathways of the nervous system to where there is a break in the electrical circuit. The break in the electrical circuit will be directly related to an energy block caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen. This reflex system of controls encompasses the entire body and mind releasing all kinds of tension, congestion and imbalances. This technique was believed to have originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago long before acupuncture was ever discovered.vitaflex1

Essential Oils ~ The Solution to MRSA ~

In the Central Florida area, we have rececently had several outbreaks of MRSA in our school systems, with at least one child dying from it.  This newsletter will explain how you can prevent and treat MRSA with our therapeutic grade essential oils naturally.  If you know teachers and/or administrators in the school districts where you live, please share this information.  And of course, please share with all parents.


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Virginia writes:

I have had occasion to use essential oils on two people with non-healing wounds which had been treated with Vancomycin for MRSA. On both, I started by cleansing the wound and the surrounding tissues with the foaming Thieves soap. I then painted a 2 inch area around the wound with purification. This was a lengthy process as I waited 5-10 minutes between each oil I used so I could make sure I wasn’t causing more pain or discomfort.  I then followed with Thieves right into the wound, followed by Lavender and finally Panaway. In both instances the person was having a great deal of pain and inability to walk easily on the extremity. The more dramatic result of the two folks was the ability to walk on his ankle without his cane and without any pain.

I work in an acute care hospital and I have occasion to swab people’ hands and fingernails, as well as have access to the swabs we do on inanimate objects in the facility. I am hoping to get the microbiologist to work with me to do some testing when we get a live MRSA, to see if the Thieves and Purification will be effective in stopping the growth of this organism. I do spray my very tiny office, which I share with two others, every day with a mixture of 10 drops of Purification and Thieves which I have put into a quart sprayer with sterile water. I use it on the door handles, the telephones, the computer keyboard and spray it into our fan while it is on high. My co-workers now use it whenever someone “contagious” has been in the office with us. Will let you know what happens after I hang out with the microbiology staff.

Virginia RN, CCRN


Dear Sha-Faun Team

I shared with a friend whose child had MRSA.  It pretty much says everything I would say in a testimonial.

Susan Riggens

Susan writes:

When my daughter was 21 months old, she was treated at Texas Children’s Hospital for MRSA – the antibiotic resistant staph infection.  They used heavy doses of the “big gun” antibiotics to get control of the infection. Her MRSA was the size of a golf ball when they surgically inserted a drain. Hannah’s staph infection went down with the antibiotics, but it did come back in a near-by spot a few times. We treated it with Super Salve and RC. Super Salve is a first aide ointment Debra Rayburn [a YL distributor] makes with essential oils and herbs.  RC is an essential oil blend made by Young Living.  Rose ointment from Young Living is also a good product to use if you don’t have access to Super Salve. We used a drop of RC in probably 1/2 t of ointment and put it over the new bumps that developed over the months that followed. This killed the MRSA and we have not seen a sign of it since.  The staph appeared in March of 2006 and has not been back!  The infectious disease specialist told me that if the MRSA reoccurs once then it will continue to return.  He said that we needed to load the whole family up with antibiotics for a long while (I think it was 21 days).  He said this might control the staph.  I didn’t want to load my family up with something that might work so I decided to treat it naturally.  I used Melrose essential oil in the nose several times a day for several weeks.  This got rid of the staph!

Essential oils are best used in the beginning stages of the infection as they kill whatever the problem is before it gets out of control.  This is especially true for staph infections.  Doctors will advise patients to use bleach everywhere- possibly even on the body. We do not use bleach.  Bleach weakens the immune system. We use Thieves disinfectant cleaner (a Young Living product) and we have had great results with it.  When bathing it is imperative to disinfect the tub every time it is used so as not to re infect the patient (or infect anyone else).  We still disinfect our tub after every use as a precaution.  It is likely that someone else in the family is also a carrier- if not the whole family.  Places to look for staph on little girls is in the diaper area, in boys the limbs and trunk, but staph can occur anywhere on the body.  Any break in the skin on anyone in the family needs to be treated with RC and Super Salve to prevent the possibility of staph getting in there. Diffusing RC and/ or Purification essential oils in the house will disinfect all surfaces.  

Hospitals are the biggest culprits in spreading MRSA, which can be deadly. Any time we end up in the hospital for any reason I will bring Thieves Household Cleaner to disinfect the bathtub.  I will also diffuse RC and/ or Purification as they will disinfect the entire room and I will insist on clean towels after every use. Even if something looks clean, it doesn’t mean it is.

An infectious disease specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital told me that MRSA is becoming an epidemic.  We treat all wounds in our family with essential oils to prevent infection.

This all sounds like gloom and doom, but this can be contained and controlled. You just have to be vigilant about it. 


I have fought many infections in my children and grandchildren in the last 12 months that we have not been able to identify from normal blood tests or just because the oils work so fast and we didn’t have to even consider allopathic medicine.
My 16 month old granddaughter got some kind of bacteria or virus this past weekend. I am a big believer in NingXia Red. We gave her 1 to 2 ounces of NingXia Red 3 times during the day. We rubbed RC and Melrose on her chest and back. We also rubbed Peppermint on her stomach and forehead and feet. This was done several times. Her 104 degree temp went down 1 degree after 15 minutes. We applied some more and it dropped another 1 degree in 20 minutes or so. Within a couple of hours her fever broke and she went to sleep. The next morning she was fine. She wasn’t even sick for 24 hours.
I believe that the Essential Oils, RC and Lemongrass would take care of MRSA. But it wouldn’t hurt to use Thieves and Peppermint. In all attacks that my children or grandchildren experience I always give 1 ounce of NingXia Red every 15-30 minutes or so depending on age and weight and I give a Raindrop on the feet and spine. If they are under 10 years old, I put some of the hotter oils on the feet only.
For the 3 year-old child: While they are giving him the NingXia Red and Essential Oils it would be good if they would just give him organic fresh-made juice, especially apple juice. The body spends 80% of its energy on digestion. Fruits are fast and easy for the body to digest. It does not use much energy. It is very important not to give dairy products or food with any sugar. Dairy causes mucus (along with bread and crackers) and sugar depresses the immune system. The body needs to be free as possible from expending energy to fight this infection.
Another great thing to do is difuse the essential oils. I would start with Thieves in the rooms that he is in especially if he is in the hospital. I clean all linens with Thieves cleaner in the washing machine. Spray Thieves on all medical equipment before use and spray sheets, pillows, bedding, doctor and nurses coats. A study of hospitals in England have proved that the MRSA virus can be transported from patient to patient from the sleeves and coats of the doctors and nurses even though they are wearing gloves and masks!
We have never had anything last longer than 24 hours except for the mysterious illness that I fought with my 22 year old daughter this summer. I believe that we battled bacterial meningitis, a small intestinal bacteria and now we have discovered parasites in her colon. In my testimony about her I told of giving her 2 Raindrops a day and Frankincense on her head for the severe headaches. I still believe that saved her life.
We have now discovered she has tape worms and we are using Clove and Peppermint internally and topically. A couple of signs of tapeworms are B12 deficiency and lack of energy. I have been giving her B-12 shots since June and haven’t been able to quit.
One extra note: I felt like I was being attacked with something a couple of days after my granddaughter so I sprayed Thieves on my throat and took 2 Inner Defenses. The next morning I felt good and had a colonics (I am getting 2 colonics a week) a small tapeworm exited my colon which was a first. I am wondering if the Inner Defense had something to do with it.
I am going to start giving my daughter Inner Defense along with the Essential Oils and see if that will kill the tapeworms. She already did the Cleansing Trio and 90 days of Parafree.
I hope some of the study that I have done will help.
Karen, B.S.


Didi writes and sends:

Melaleuca Alternafolia which Gary mentioned is the same as Tea Tree Oil.  Here is an article on that.

The medicinal oil that works on MRSA

      A randomised control trial of tea tree topical oil preparations comparing it with the standard regime was carried out at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital. The trial measured the relative ability of the two regimes to clear MRSA (the antibiotic resistant bacteria found in hospitals) colonisation from various sites. The tea tree oil/Melaleuca Alternafolia  compared favourably to modern pharmaceutical skin preparations. The oil was slightly less effective in clearing noses and throats, appreciably more effective in clearing armpits, groins and perhaps surprisingly skin sores of the potentially lethal Staphylococcus aureus. The results were published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. [And they weren't using YL oils.]

Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Oil: a Review of Antimicrobial and Other Medicinal Properties
Link: Clinical Microbiology Reviews

     Complementary and alternative medicines such as tea tree (melaleuca) oil have become increasingly popular in recent decades. This essential oil has been used for almost 100 years in Australia but is now available worldwide both as neat oil and as an active component in an array of products. The primary uses of tea tree oil have historically capitalized on the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions of the oil. This review summarizes recent developments in our understanding of the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities of the oil and its components, as well as clinical efficacy. Specific mechanisms of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action are reviewed, and the toxicity of the oil is briefly discussed.

The medicinal oil that works on MRSA
The combination Gary gave at convention last year was: (Now a couple years back)

Lavender, Patchouli, and Melaluca Alternifolia.


Gold of the Gods Convention Notes

There are 2,000,000 reported hospital acquired infections every year and 100,000 people die from this. Essential oils have been studied and proven effective against the common hospital-induced, antibiotic-resistant infection, MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus). In a study cited, 22 out of 25 cases were resolved with essential oils. In vitro studies showed these oils to be effective: cinnamon, geranium, peppermint, orange, grapefruit, patchouli, lavender, lemongrass, thyme, spearmint, lemon myrtle, clove, mountain savory, and eucalyptus radiata.


Essential oils have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria
Medical Research News
Published: Tuesday, 21-Dec-2004 
Essential oils usually used in aromatherapy have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria according to research carried out at The University of Manchester.
Tests revealed that three essential oils killed MRSA and E. coli as well as many other bacteria and fungi within just two minutes of contact. The oils can easily be blended and made into soaps and shampoos which could be used by hospital staff, doctors and patients in a bid to eradicate the spread of these deadly `super bugs’.

Researchers are now desperately looking for funding to develop their work and carry out a clinical trial. Peter Warn from the University’s Faculty of Medicine who worked on the research said: ‘We believe that our discovery could revolutionise the fight to combat MRSA and other `super bugs’, but we need to carry out a trial and to do that we need a small amount of funding ‘ around £30,000.

‘We are having problems finding this funding because essential oils cannot be patented as they are naturally occurring, so few drug companies are interested in our work as they do not see it as commercially viable. Obviously, we find this very frustrating as we believe our findings could help to stamp out MRSA and save lives,’ added Peter, who is based at Hope Hospital. 

Raindrop Therapy

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Some benefits of the Theraputic Grade Essential Oils used in this treatment improve circulation, relax muscles, have anti-inflammatory & antispasmodic properties.

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