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Natural Remedies ROCK!!



Let me tell you a quick story about how I overcame health challenges with gemstone elixirs and holistic healing that are intricate in creating a life and living worth living.

At the time I was recovering from heart disease after an emergency open heart bypass.  I was already living with limited range of motion, back pain and depression.  Then the bottom fell out from under me when the medical community told me of all the limitations that were facing me. One of which meant I would be on medications the rest of my life! I was 39, struggling financially and became aware that something had to change. And change now!

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle… being whole, healed & complete.Then, during rehabilitation, I discovered many topics on natural and holistic healing. At that point, everything changed! I was inspired filled with renewed hope for the future.

Ready to implement these new ideas, I discovered how to:

– Balance my subtle energies and strengthen my physical body
– Incorporate simple changes gradually during the recovery process
– Restore and rejuvenate mind, body, spirit and etheric.

As a result of these changes I was able to:

– Increase fitness level becoming stronger, and healthier each day
– Eliminate prescriptions (through the assistance of my cardiologist)

– Create a Live a life and living worth living

Now, I’m living my dream of empowering others to experience a healthy, vibrant lifestyle, too.

The good news is that we can eliminate worry about feeling unhealthy ever again. Nature always has an antidote that can be incorporated for most pathologies. Simply put, Natural and holistic protocols remedies ROCK!!

And that’s why I’m sharing with you about the power of the energetic enhancement of Vibrational Gemstone Essences & Elixirs~

So, What if you could raise your spiritual vibrational frequency without evasive allopathic treatments?What if you can shift, change and heal much faster and easier from these powerful gems?

Introducing Vibrational Wellness through Gem Elixirs!

Personally Customized Gemstone Elixirs for vibrational healing that makes it easy and fun to incorporate crystals in your daily routine that are ideal for spiritual growth and healing! I work along with you to create your special gem essences created just for you!

Let me show you why Vibrational Wellness through Gem Elixirs is so amazing:

Gemstone elixirs are an extremely effective way to reap the health and healing benefits of crystals. Gem elixirs are just one more way that crystals and gemstones can work their magic for us. When gem elixirs are made, the stone’s vibrational energies are transferred into the gem water.Now the great news is Vibrational Wellness through Gem Elixirs is just $108.. This includes Consultation and bottle of customized Gem Essence and you’ll see rapid results!

To schedule your personal consultation for your Customized Gem Elixir contact me at

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