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Frequency Fridays in January

2nd, 16th & 30th

Aromatic Crystalline Fusion Meditation with Quartz Crystal Bowls
$15 per person or 2 for $20~   @ 7p
Register @ 407-421-2165
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‘The Vibrational OM’  The Frequency of the Universe
November 7th @ 7p
Tibetan Black Quartz
Sound Therapy with the sound of the Crystal OM Bowl, Black Tibetan Quartz & AromaTherapy
Pineal Awakening Meditation
October 17th @ 7p
chakra Zeal Point
 Crystal Bowl Zeal Point Activation Meditation
with Crystal Bowls, Essential Oils & Crystal Therapy
~ Starts @ 7p $12 advance or 2/ $20~
The Zeal Point Chakra – known as The Well of Dreams! It is located at the back of the head and when fully activated, this powerful Energy Center will regulate multi-dimensional telepathic communication. Removing the veil of the third dimension, as we ascend into the 4th dimension… the 5th dimension… and Beyond! ~*~ This Energy Center accentuates emotions of passion, enthusiasm and zest for life.
Agni Mani Meditation
Wednesday October 8th @ 7p– 8:30 ish
Aromatic Crystalline Grid Meditation
Join us as we discover the many ways to incorporate the benefits of Energetic Crystalline Structures a/k/a Crystal Grids for Spiritual, Emotional & Physical well being as we journey inward on a transformational journey of manifestation and empowerment during a briefly guided mediation. Connecting with the special role that these crystals play in the awakening of humanity. Incorporating AromaTherapy & the raw power of this healing crystalline grid… the guided meditation was created from the crystals within the grid.
The stones for this meditation are selected and specific for:
  • Activating all of your chakras
  • Synchronizing the meridian system
  • Connecting the Heart & 3rd Eye
  • Guiding one to alignment with one’s inner truth.
Gemstones for this meditation are:
  • Moldavite – Commonly known as the emerald that fell from the sky.
  • Peridot- Since ancient times it has been viewed as a symbol of the sun
  • Tektite – Known to carry energies of communication and information
  • Ruby Zoizite – Emanating energies growth & fertility in all aspects of life.
Advance $18 per person – $25 at the door
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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Build Immunity, Vitality, Flexibility & Strength
Private & Group Sessions
Single Yoga Private Sessions
60 min  $65  /  90 min $75
Monthly 4 packs 4 – 60 minute classes $199
Groups of 4 or more $10 each
Flexi-Stretch Yoga & Meditation


Restore the core & activate your senses
Mind, Body & Etheric

Single Yoga Private Sessions

60 min $65 / 90 min $75

Monthly 4 packs 4- 60 minute classes $199

Reiki Energetics
Reiki Attunement Certification Classes
Facilitated by Laura & David-
Reiki Level I ~  Reiki Level II ~  Reiki Level III
AromaTherapy EDU Classes
Young Living Essential Oils
 Art of AromaTherapy  $15
Laura Painter, LMT Presenting