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Crystal Bowls winter park

~ Crystal Bowl Meditation ~

Friday September 5th

Aromatic Crystalline Fusion Meditation with Quartz Crystal Bowls

$15 per person or 2 for $20~   @ 7p

Enjoy this deeply relaxing meditation.  Aromatic Crystalline Fusion with Crystal Bowls! Awaken to the experience of Intuitive Sound Healing. The bowls are tuned to a specific note which naturally resonates to each chakra. This Singing Crystal Bowl Meditation provides you the opportunity to have a transformational experience. Feel relaxed and uplifted while increasing your vibrational frequencies with the melodic bio sine waves of Quartz Crystal Bowls.
After selecting our stones &  AromaTherapy, lying or sitting we begin with a briefly guided meditation.  preparing for deep transformation as we drift along on the frequency of Bio Sine Waves of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.  Remember to arrive early to select your crystal :)
Incorporating Gemstones of the day and Balancing Aromatic Botanicals.
Reservations Recommended ~  Private Sessions Available.

A Lifestyle IN Balance

Lee World Center
1850 Lee Rd. Suite 214 Winter Park 32789

Crystal Bows & Pyramids sold here!




Pre Registered$12~

or sign up for a Class Pass

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Tuesday & Thursdays  11a-12

Build Immunity, Vitality, Flexibility & Strength
$12 Pre Registered | $36~ /4 Classes
$62~ Unlimited Class Pass

Learn the basics of this ancient yogic system…  

   Kundalini Yoga: an Authentic System with immediate Benefits, a dynamic blend of postures, pranayam, mantra, music and sound meditation, which teach the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation.  Balancing body and mind enables you to experience clarity and the beauty of your soul.  No previous experience in yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class.


Essential Stretch Yoga & Meditation

Thursdays 6 p

Gentle Yoga intended for deep meditation
$12 Pre Registered | $36~ /4 Classes
$62~ Unlimited Class Pass

Essential Yoga: Awakening the mind through meditation.

Gentle yoga techniques that expand the mind & Awaken your body, mind & spirit…

RE-Energize your life and enjoy the benefits of this nurturing meditation series!   Deepen your understanding  ~ move through blockages ~  for transform & grow.

 A fusion of yoga techniques including Kundalini, Hatha, Nidra, Breath and Body movement.  Take the challenge and sign up for the total series!

$125~ Massage & Private Yoga Session


 Do you have your Class Pass?

$36 for 4  |  $54 for 6  

$62 unlimited ~ includes yoga classes & 1 crystal bowl Meditation!


Reiki Energetics


Reiki Attunement Certification Classes

Facilitated by Laura & David-

Level I Certification  $150~

Includes 2 Crystal Bowls Meditations during the training period


 Learn hands-on healing techniques for yourself, family and friends. Reiki offers comfort, and support for good health… balancing you Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.  Details of the history of Reiki and examples of how you can incorporate Reiki into your daily lives. An introduction to the first symbol & how to activate it.

Reiki Level II Certification  $150~


Level II: Introduction of 2 New Reiki Symbols, Distance Healing and how to work with the emotions. Additional energetic techniques are introduced

Level III / Master Attunement: Learn how to teach Reiki and pass on attunements.

Beginning to Master Series: Personalized in-depth training of all Levels of Usui Reiki, Body Energetics, Chakras & Auras, Crystals, Grid work and more…

Private Reiki Sessions available by appointment

Includes Printed Manuals for each stage.  E-manual coming soon!

Registration line now open – 407.421.2165

$150 per Levels I & II Balance due at beginning of class

Levels I & II combo class ~  $255-  due at end of level 1

Early bird discounts 2 weeks prior to first class –  L I & II $108 each or combo class $216

more info

Registration is now open

Lee World Center
1850 Lee Rd. Suite 214 Winter Park
Holistic Healing & Wellness Center


AromaTherapy EDU Young Living Essential Oils

 Art of AromaTherapy  $15

 Coming Soon
Laura Painter, LMT Presenting

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